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This has been the logo of the Croatian Catholic Centre of Canberra & Queanbeyan for almost two decades. It is designed in order to express in a symbolic way, the feelings of Croatian immigrants who came to Australia mostly in the second half of the 20th century. The Croatian immigrants are represented by a human heart, while their native country, Croatia is recognised by its well-known coat of arms consisting of 25 red and white fields resembling a checkerboard. Various challenges connected with leaving the old country and settling in the new one are expressed by a strong cross rising from the heart itself and from the coat of arms as well. The crown of thorns symbolises the awareness of newcomers that they have to live far from their birth country and also be ready to make their new country a final resting-place. That crown of thorns in this cross represents Australia. The sunrays are shining from the cross. It is a sign of hope that all the sufferings of this world will be overcome sooner or later. The capital character M shows that while on the way of cross the believer relies on intercession of Mary – Mother of God, to whom Croatian Catholics are extremely devoted. The logo itself is put in the frame of a church’s doors.

The Croatian people were baptised 1300 years ago. From that point on, their identity has been strongly linked to their membership in The Catholic Church.

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